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Date: 31st May 2016
Sieve Cleaner And Pan Cleaner
FEATURES?? FDA approved Polyurethane material Polyether. Suitable in normal and wet environment.? ?? High bouncing,Website:http://www.cnyutung.com, excellent abrasion resistance, good cleaning effect and longer working life.? ?? A wide variety of styles will totally satisfy customers? different demand.Sieve CleanersSmall Triangle (QA15-M) ?Unique outline and heave in centre, which makes it easy to bounce on sieve.Weight: 15gBig Triangle (QA26-M) ?Increased and thickened outline design will provide bigger potential energy and better cleaning effect.?Weight: 26gRivet Triangle (QD21-M) ?Center rivet design let it contact with sieve pore to get better bounce as well as easier movement.Weight: 21gRush Triangle (QM25-M)The design not only provides bouncing on sieve, but also cleaning it at the same time. It greatly improves the final cleaning effect.?Weight: 25gCotton Canvas Pad (QB32)The cotton design provides good protection to the sieve for getting long working life span.?Weight: 32g?Size: 75MM X 52MM X 9MMPan CleanersCrisscross Type (TS32-M)Optimized outline and soft structure make it suitable for small spacing sieve.Weight: 32gDiamond Type (TL42-M)Keeping original shape and flexibility even used for a long time. It?s suitable? for standard size sieve.Weight: 43.5gQuadrilateral Type?(TF55-M)??It?s suitable for standard size sieve and will reduce the damage to the frame.Weight: 55gQuincunx Type (TM68-M)With bigger outline, it is suitable for bigger sieve.Weight: 68gTriangleType (TJ81-M)With increased thickness, it has good sieving effect and long working life.Weight: 81g
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