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Date: 31st May 2016
Sectional Screw Flight
Sectional / Segmented Auger FlightsFEATURESA proprietary process coming into its own when material type,Website:http://www.cnyutung.com, material thickness, big diameters, hard controlled special gauge are considerations and cannot be accomplished by conventional continuous rolled forming processA single pitch construction with consistent cross sectional thickness between inner and outer edges. Every screw flight section is formed accurately up to the customer?s size.A wide range of sizes up to 2000 mm in diameter, 40 mm in thickness, and 1500 mm in pitch are availableRibbon, Tapered and Variable Pitch Flights are available on application. Flights can also be hard faced or coated with wear protection materialsHigh precision, with no minimum?order quantity requirement and customized size can be met.MATERIALSCarbon Steel, Low Alloy Steel, Wear?Resistant Steel, Stainless Steel, etc.SPECIFICATIONSAny Screw flight with size coming in the range of the following table can be made.?P??Pitch,?D??Do,?d??ID,?T??ThicknessPitch?(mm)I.D.(Min.)?(mm)O.D.(Max.)?(mm)Ratio of Min.O.DMin O.D.?(mm)Thickness Range?(mm)60~100304801.0Min O.D. = Pitch ? ? ? ?Customized x Ratio3~16100~150354800.83~18150~200505200.753~20200~250606300.73~25250~300656703~25300~350909003~30350~400909503~30400~450959503~30450~50013511503~35500~55015013003~40550~65015013503~40650~75020014003~45750~85020014003~45850~90025014503~50900~95025014503~50950~105030015003~501050~120035016000.83~501200~125040018003~501250~130045020003~50Note: Plate Thickness from 20mm to 30mm: Max Plate Width should be no more than 400mm.Plate Thickness from 30mm to 40mm: Max Plate Width should be no more than 370mm.Plate Thickness from 40mm to 50mm: Max Plate Width should be no more than 350mm.Screw FlightsThe largest and professional screw flight manufacturer, with patents for spiral manufacturing process.Backed with three manufacturing technology to produce the different types including?Continuous Cold Roller Screw Flight,?Sectional Screw Flight?and?Continuous Equal Thickness Screw Flight?which almost meet all the market demand on the types and sizes.Equipped with 23 screw flight forming machines, we have an annual production capacity up to 7000 tons.??WIDE APPLICATIONS? Screw Conveyor? Holes Piling? Grain Harvester? Concrete Mixer? Water Treatment? Planting & Cultivation? Construction Machinery? Mining? Farm Machinery??More?Sectional Flight left hand ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??Sectional Flight right hand??
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