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Date: 31st May 2016
STS Fender
STS fender is one of the application of our pneumatic Rubber fender,Website:http://www.cnyutung.com, which have been in use for around 50 years. The development of the Pneumatic Fender has progressed through the years in conjunction with the changing shapes, designs and size of ships and ship technology. These days Pneumatic Fenders are widely used in the off-shore transfer of oil and other chemicals. For gas, bulk, car and passenger carriers and on many installations of floating structures, pontoon and off-sore platforms.Pneumatic Fenders are constructed of three vulcanized layers each providing an important function in the construction and lifespan of the fender. The three layers are (1) the inner rubber layer (2) the cord layers of reinforcement and (3) the outer rubber layer.The outer rubber layer has a special compound that provides extra tensile and tear strength to protect the fender from harsh weather conditions and heavy usage whilst the inner rubber layer is specifically designed to seal the air inside and to prevent any leakage much like the inner tube of a tire. The reinforcement layer has cross hatched synthetic tire cord designed to evenly distribute the stress. ?By sandwiching the reinforcing cord layer between the inner and outer rubber layers it is protected from abrasion and degradation from outside forces. The reinforcement is specifically designed to be pressure holding and fatigue resistant. ?The performance of Pneumatic Fenders can be modified by changing the internal operating pressure of the fender.There are two standard internal pressure ratings 50kPa and 80kPa.The tables over the next two pages give the relevant performance figure for each type.Size ? ?D x LERHull PressureValveTestSize ? ?D x LERHull PressureValveTestkNmkNkPakPakPakNmkNkPakPakPa0.5x1.0664132-2002.0x3.5308875128-2000.66x1.1874126-2002.5x4.066313811371752500.7x1.517137135-2002.5x5.594320191481752501.0x1.532182122-2003.3x4.5117518841301752501.0x2.045257132-2003.3x6.5181430151461752501.2x2.063297126-2003.3x10.6306752571581752501.35x2.5102427130-2004.5x9.0475257471461752501.5x3.0153579132-2004.5x12.0647379841541752501.7x3.0191639128-200Size ? ?D x LERHull PressureValveTestSize ? ?D x LERHull PressureValveTestkNmkNkPakPakPakNmkNkPakPakPa0.5x1.0885174-2502.0x3.54301150168-2500.66x1.11198166-2502.5x4.092518151802303000.7x1.524180177-2502.5x5.5131726531952303001.0x1.545239160-2503.3x4.5164024761712303001.0x2.063338174-2503.3x6.5253239611912303001.2x2.088390166-2503.3x10.6428169072082303001.35x2.5142561170-2504.5x9.0663375511922303001.5x3.0214761174-2504.5x12.09037104902022303001.7x3.0267840168-250Performance figures based on 60% deflection.As standard the fender dimensions are give as diameter x length and in millimeters.The dimensions given are for the body only part of the fender.The weight is shown for the two standard type of fender, net less 'Sling' type and Chain and Tyre Net (CTN) type.Wire Netted and Rope Netted fenders are available on request.Body Diameter ? ? ?(mm)Body Length ? ? ?(mm)Weight Sling Type ? ? ?50kPa (kgs)Weight CTN Type ? ? ?50kPa (kgs)Weight Sling Type ? ? ?80kPa (kgs)Weight CTN Type ? ? ?80kPa (kgs)500100032110321106601100341253412570015005515055150100015009820098200100020001132201132201200200015632015632013502500240350240350150030002905302905301700300033058033058020003500465960465960250040001080124010801240250055001320185013201850330045001840171018401710330065002250257022502570330010600306046603060466045009000-5390-5390450012000-6990-6990CTN TypePneumatic Fenders are usually supplied with a protective Chain & Tyre Net (CTN) fitted around the body giving extra protection to the body of the fender. The CTN is constructed of galvanised chain and shackles covered at the joins with used truck tyres (or aircraft tyres on request) and along the length of the chain with rubber tubes. Anti-scratch matting can also be supplied inside the tyre centers for added protection if required. On smaller diameter fenders a chain net or rope net can also be supplied.Sling Type Pneumatic Fenders that are supplied without a factory fitted CTN are referred to as a sling type, this fender has modified end fittings allowing the fender to be lifted and installed efficiently.Net Type (Black) The fender body is covered by a chain net, wire net or fiber net. Chain nets are able to withstand corrosion longer and are usually built with used tyres and rubber sleeves to provide additional protection. Fiber nets use only rubber sleeves. Wire nets are light and more easily repaired.
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