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Date: 31st May 2016
Polyurethane Foam Fender
Foam filled fenders cater for any ships. Elastomer foam fenders are constructed with a central steel through-pipe with polyurethane,Website:http://www.cnyutung.com, polyethylene or plastic foam core forming the resilient part of the fender. The anti-resistant skin is formed using high tensile reinforced polyethylene polyurea elastomer (SPUA). Transition layer are also be used to enhance the adhesiveness between every kinds material. Tyre and chain nets are optional.This combination of materials enables extremely high compressive stresses to be absorbed, coupled with low reaction forces.Fenders are unsinkable. In the event of rupture of the outer skin, the closed cell property of the Baltec memory flexible foam seals off water ingress. The outer shin can be repaired quickly and economically.The fenders are lightweight with high reserve buoyancy and always maintain the correct level in varying tidal waters. Suitable for dock protection, all ship-shore operations and for ship-to-ship protection at sea. Yutung can advise one type of fender on receipt of specific details of operation.Portable type foam filled rubber fender is one of alternative yacht fender. It can be used on small ship, boat and yacht to protect them, i.e.Characteristics ?A. Having the capability of floating, not easily influenced by the ebb and flow of the tide.B. Vivid colors. Can offer various colors according to the customers’ demands.C. Compared with inflatable fender, it boasts the characteristics of safety and maintenance-free with working life as long as 10 to 15 years, and no need inflating, resistant to scratching, pricking, friction, sea water, acid and alkali.D. Solid but light, easy to install and move.E. When be compressed to 60%, reaction force grows obviously from little to largeness, and energy absorption is very high.Polyurethane elastomer It’s a new kind of polymer synthetic material between rubber and plastic, with both highstrength of plastic and long range elasticity of rubber.1. High wear resistance. 3-5 times that of natural rubber.2. High oil resistance, 4 times that of NBR--Nitrile butadiene rubber.3. High mechanical strength. Its tensile stress at break, tear strength and load bearing ability are many times higher than those of common rubber.4. Excellent resistance to acid, alkali, low temperature and solvent.5. High metal-bonding strength.6.Wide hardness range. It can be adjusted within elastic domain Shore A 10 - Shore A 100.Performance curveSpecification and Performance Table?The company strictly follows ISO9001: 2000 quality control system, and the products have obtained CCS quality authorization from classification societies.?Specification?mm?Reaction?Force?KN?Energy?Absorption?KNM?Weight?KG?700*1500129241001000*1500180521501000*2000272762201200*2000308983301350*25004321574501500*30005962446901700*30006523107802000*350089349512002000*4000100554014002000*4500116162415702300*4000112769617352300*55001671103328742500*4000136689421002500*55001788120030603000*50001926163334003000*60002295185143703300*45001690149835303300*65002942260156003500*7000361130497100
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