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Date: 31st May 2016
Nylon Conveyor Belt
FEATURES? The carcass consists of Nylon fibers both in warp and weft. Manufactured by forming and vulcanizing.? ?? Thin belt body,Website:http://www.cnyutung.com, high abrasion resistance, high tensile strength, anti-impact and good fatigue resistance. Long operational life.? ?? Reinforced latitude carcass leads in better anti-impact and tear resistance.? ?? Good flexibility, trough ability and elasticity leads in better adaptability to the pulley.APPLICATIONS? Widely used for medium and long distance, heavy-duty transportation of materials.? ?? Suitable for both loose and compacted minerals.? ?? For anti-impact and tear resistant type belt, they?re suitable for Mining and Coal Applications where load big size materials with relative density up to 2.5g/cm3 and a falling head of 1m.BELT TYPES? Types by Applications: Including general purpose conveyor belts, oil resistant, acid and alkali resistant, cold resistant, anti-static, flame retardant and abrasion resistant belt.?? Types by Structure: Aside from the laminated structure, there?s anti-impact and tear resistant belt with reinforced ply in weft.?TECHNICAL DATAStandard: In accordance to ISO/FDIS 14890:1999Performance at Overall ThicknessFabric TypePly ? ? ? ?Thickness ? ? ? ?(mm)Nominal Tensile Strength ? ? ? ?at Overall Thickness?(N/mm)Elongation?at Break?(%)Elongation?at Rated Stress?(%)Belt?Width?(mm)Belt?Length?(M)2ply3ply4ply5ply6plyNN1000.70200300400500600?10?4300?~?1500?300NN1250.75250375500625750NN1500.80300450600750900NN2001.040060080010001200NN2501.20500750100012501500NN3001.250900120015001800NN4001.4000160020002400NN5001.6000200025003000Performance of Cover Rubber (for General Applications)Cover GradeTensile StrengthElongation at Break?(%) ?Abrasion Loss?(mm? ) ?Change Rate of Tensile?Strength & Elongation?after Aging (%)(MPa) ?(Kg/c?) ?Ordinary Conditions(L)15.0150.0350200-25 ~ +25Abrasion Resistant(D)18.0180.0400100-25 ~ +25Cut & Gauge Resistant(H)24.0240.0450120-25 ~ +25When cover rubber thickness ranging from 0.8~1.60mm, it allows 15% tolerance of tensile strength. ? ? ? ?Aging Test: 70??168h.Note: The cover rubber performance for other belt type like oil resistant, acid and alkali resistant, cold resistant and anti-static belt, please refer to the corresponding belt introduction.Adhesion Ply to PlyItemCanvas Ply to ? ? ? ?Canvas PlyCover to Canvas PlyCover Thickness 0.8-1.5mmCover Thickness >1.5mmAverage Value of Samples (N/mm) ?4.503.23.5Minimum Value of Samples (N/mm) ?3.902.42.9The peak value of all samples are less than 20N/mm.
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