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Date: 31st May 2016
MC Nylon
FORMSSheetRodTubeCOLORSNatural Black Cast Nylon 6Natural and black standard grade of Monomer Cast Nylon offers an excellent combination of Mechanical strength,Website:http://www.cnyutung.com, stiffness and, electrical insulation and wear properties. These properties make our standard grade of nylon the perfect choice for use as gears, rollers,star wheels scrolls and many other mechanical applications where the use of metal is not possible.Green/Yellow Oil Filled Nylon 6Green and yellow oil filled cast Nylon is an internally lubricated grade of nylon that is commonly used in applications where applied lubricants cannot be used. Oil filled nylons have a lower co-efficient of friction over standard grades of nylon and also offer improved wear resistance.Black MoS2 Filled Nylon 6MoS2 Cast Nylon has a low-efficient of friction as well as excellent wear characteristics and temperature resistance make an excellent choice for bearings and wear pads, its self-lubricating, and impact resistance properties make it suitable for gears, bearing, bushings, wear slides and many other applications.APPLICATIONSFriction bearings, bushings, gears, valve seats, couplings, rollers, cams, clamps, pump components, snap connectors.SPECIFICATIONSSheetLength(mm)Width(mm)Thickness(mm)2000100010-100*RodO.D.(mm)Length(mm)20-2001000*SheetO.D.(mm)Wall Thickness(mm)Length(mm)40-2105-85560PROPERTIES (FOR STANDARD GRADE)ItemUnitValueDensityg/cm?1.15-1.16Water Absorption%?0.6Frictional Coefficient?< 0.45Wear LossMg< 4.5Compressive StrengthMpa127Rockwell HardnessRHM112Tensile StrengthMpa79Flexural StrengthMpa130-150IZOD Impact StrengthKJ/m>14Elongation at Break%60Shear StrengthMpa80-95Bending Elastic ModulusGpa26.4-31Heat Deformation Temperature (0.46Mpa)?C120Breakdown VoltageKV/mm18.6
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