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Date: 31st May 2016
Impact Bar
Used in the conveyor loading points or transfer points to replace traditional cushion rollers. It's designed to absorb impact loading and help eliminate spillage and scattering of the products. This results in less wear and tear on your conveyor system,Website:http://www.cnyutung.com, dramatically improves the efficiency and reduces the maintenance cost.FEATURES??UHMWPE surface with extremely low coefficient of friction on the top of impact bars will reduce effectively the wear on the conveyor belt. ??Shock absorbing rubber can absorb maximal impact of materials. ??"T-slot" extruded metal construction allows fixing of our impact bars along the entire length of the impact bar which allows for easier installation and disassembly. ??Manufactured by hot vulcanization which leads in an efficient and reliable joining between the parts.TECHNICAL DATAItemIndexNormalHigh Elastic (H)Flame Retardant (S)Rubber Hardness (Shore A)60?550?560?5UHMWPE ColorBlueBlueBrownCoeffi cient of Surface Friction for UHMWPE0.070.070.10Surface Resistivity (?)??? 3.0 x108Flame Resistance Ability (Combustion by Alcohol Burner)??Average test time by?fl ame combustion ? 6SAdhesion (N/mm) ?Rubber & UHMWPE: 6.0Rubber & "T-slot"extruded metal construction: 6.0Note: Flame Retardant Impact Bar?With quality approval on the "Flame Resistant and Anti-static" ability for Underground Coal Mine Industry, and got "Certificate of Qualified Products" issued by "China National Inspection & Supervision Center of Coal Mine Equipment".???SPECIFICATIONSTypeA(mm)B(mm)H(mm)UHMWPE Thickness H2 (mm)A Type Impact Bars60010050,65, 75,100*12.7, ? ? ? ?15 (Flame Retardant Bar )7007508009001000122014001524B Type Impact BarsB1220B1400B1524B1600B1800Note: Other dimensions in the diagram are respectively: C=36mm; D=17.5mm; H1=15mm.? ? ? ?Size is subject to availability and customised sizes are available on request.Fastener BoltsA=34mm, ?B=8mm, ?M=16mm, ?L=40/50/60mm, L1=32/42/52mmNote: Bolt size can be customized to suit individual applications.
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