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Date: 31st May 2016
Eva Fender
Foam Fenders are versatile,Website:http://www.cnyutung.com, robust and suitable for almost all applications. The manufacturing process allows for virtually any size of fender to be constructed and selecting the appropriate grade of foam core and elastomeric skin means the performance of a fender can be precisely gauged to meet specific specification requirements. ?Characteristically Foam Fenders have a high energy absorption compared to their reactive load meaning they are ideal for existing structures and certain hull types such as catamarans and cruise ships.The Closed cell foam core used inside the fender also offers un-sinkability during operation should the integrity of the elastomeric skin be broken, should such an accident occur then the fender can also be repaired back to original performance with little effort.Generally Foam Fenders are very low maintenance due to the tapered shape and low wear materials used in construction. To protect the body of the fender further chain and tyre nets are also available on all sizes of fender.The versatility of Foam Fenders also means then can be installed in numerous location either free floating, moored in tidal areas or fixed out of the water directly to the quay structure.The performance of Foam Fenders can be modified by changing the internal density of the internal polyethylene Foam Core. There are two standard densities we use 35 kg/m? and 50 kg/m?. The following table gives the relevant performance figure for the standard density 35 kg/m? type.As standard the fender dimensions are give as diameter x length and in millimeters.
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