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Date: 31st May 2016
Air Bag For Shipping
Marine airbag,Website:http://www.cnyutung.com, also called?air lifting bag,?air balloon, inflatable bags, roller bags, air lift bags,?salvage bags.Yutung's?factory?is the inventor of first?marine airbag, and sets the standard in the industry for high performance and usage technology. Now, marine airbag?(Intense?pneumatic tire) are widely used in?ship launching and landing, sunken ships salvage and?refloatation, heavy lifting and conveying.Ship launching or upgrading depending on?marine?airbag?is an innovative technology having utmost bright prospect in shipbuilding. Now the Flexible Launching Technology is full of mobility, with advantages such as saving effort, saving time, saving work load, saving investment, flexible, safe, reliable, and outstanding benefit, etc. The technology of apply air gasbag to the launching and landing of ships overcomes the restrictions of traditional slide board technology which is commonly used in building small or medium size ships.After years of practice and accumulation of experience, we have developed this technology from facilitating the launching of only 1,000?DWT?ships to current 55,000?DWT?ships. And now this technology has become into a flexible, promising, secure and mature technology. Besides that, these?airbags?are widely used in upgrading of ships and boats of all sizes.???Construction Features:Marine airbag, basic body consists of which consist of our rubber layers, synthetic-cord-reinforced rubber layers, are kind of a cylindrical airbags with hemispherical heads at the both ends. All of these are vulcanized together, and then compress air inside to enable in to roll.1. Outer Rubber The outer rubber layer of marine airbag?that covers the outside of launching airbags protects the cord layers from abrasion and other external forces. This compound has sufficient tensile and tear strength to withstand any weather condition and hard usage. Standard color is black.2. Synthetic - tire -cord layer of marine airbag?for reinforcement The reinforcement cord layers, which are made of Synthetic-tire-cord commonly used in tires, are arranged at ideal angles to hold the internal pressure and to distribute the stress evenly providing strong efficient reinforcement. ? 3. End Fittings End fittings of the marine bag?include air tightness swivel and airbags safety air inlet.?Classification:1. The standard specification of marine?airbag. You can choose the required diameter and effective length to meet your projects.*Diameter (D) : It is from 0.8m to 2.0m.*Effective Length (EL): It is from 6 m to 18 m.*Total Length (TL)? : It is from 7 m to 19.5mThe above specification only is our standard specification arrange. Other specification also can be supplied upon clients' request.?2. The standard number of layersWe define the number of layer, which means the number of Synthetic ?- tire - cord layer, in order to confirm the Safety Working Pressure. Normally, our airbags include 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 layers types. Other type of marine fender?is available upon clients' request.?3. The material of??marine airbagThere're two kinds of synthetic-tire-cord because of the different performance.?ItemUnit1400?dtex/21870?dtex/2Break StrengthN/ strandover?215.6over?284.2Diametermm0.65?+/- 0.050.74?+/- 0,05Adhesion StrengthN/cmover?137.2less?156.8We define the suitable? marine airbag as per the above 3 items.Such as: Ship launching airbags D1.5m x EL?15m+?TL17m?YT-6,?1870DIn here:1. D 1.5m: the diameter is 1.5m2.?EL?15m: the effective length is?15m3.?TL?17m: the total length is?17m4.?YT-6: the number of Synthetic-tire-cord layer is 6 layers5.?1870D: the type of Synthetic-tire-cord layer is 1870.?Features and Advantages of?Marine airbag:Unique whole enlacing technologyExcellent material selection as per ISO 17357Cost effective, long service lifeGuaranteed quality and safetyFree consult and design projectLaboratory and field testCommission and technical directing serviceWell proven design and performance0.7?Mpa?hydraulic blasting utmostAfter service for lifetime?Remark:In order to confirm the?correct specification of air-bags, we hope you can?considering the following questions:?1.?? Type of vessel? ?2.?? LOA (length) of ship? ?3.?? Width of vessel? ?4.?? Vessel's actual launched weight (gravity weight)/weight without cargo? ?5.?? What is the vessel's?DWT? ?6.?? Type of ground ship is built on? (Dirt, concrete, etc.) *Provide photo. ?7.?? Depth in meters of the water where the ship first enters the water? ?8.?? What's the angle degree of slipway? (Land, not under water) ?9.?? Please provide the low/high tide schedule at site. ?10. The working height? (The block stand height under the vessel) ?11. Distance from bottom of propeller to the water level? ?12. Distance from back of vessel (in dry dock) to the water entry point?Other Type Marine airbag:Hoisting Airbags, Moving AirbagsThe combination of hoisting airbags and moving airbags can have the capability of lifting and transporting heavy objects of over 10,000 ton., They are being widely used in moving extra heavy objects such as large scale reinforced concrete structure,?oi, l drilling equipment, whole building structure and etc.Besides that, these airbags are widely used in upgrading and launching of ships and boats of all sizes. Our engineers have implemented several inventions in their practice and successfully launched caisson directly into water with just using airbags. Furthermore, they have accomplished unprecedented tasks with relocating world's largest cylinder caisson and caissons with weight of up to 5,000 metric ton. Floating Airbags, Filling AirbagsFloating airbags are very small in size while deflated. Thus, they can be easily transported and deployed when space is an issue and under water conditions. We can provide the exact floating ton capability based on clients requirements. The floating airbags have flexible applications and can be broadly implemented in shipwreck salvaging, floating bridge and dock construction. It is also being use as temporary marine transportation device.It's better than underwater air-lifting bags. ?Main Application Field of Air-bagsShipbuilding Industry: ?Upgrading and launching of ships; shipwreck salvaging; ships collision avoidanceHoisting and Moving Industry: ?Lifting and transporting of heavy weight objects.Building Industry: ?Pneumatic core?moulding?use in building industry.Logistics and Warehousing Industry: ?Gas and Liquid of airbags containers.Airline Industry: ?Airplane overhaul airbags, fuel tanker and emergency slide way.Marine Industry: ?Deep sea breeding net cage, offing fence.Emergency rescue and disaster relief industry: ?Fight floods and stop leakage, moving the ruins.Military Affairs industry: ?Self-saving for field operation vehicles, floating bridge, aquatic pipeline, dropping off oil tanker, naval ships protection.Public Security: ?Marine airbag?shelter partition for blastingTest and Quality:Yutung?Management System is certified ISO 9001-2000 and follows each order during manufacturing procedures.?Yutung?guarantees high standards and performances of all products. Customer requirements are strictly followed during all production phases.?Yutungrelevant departments assure a procurement control on the raw and basic materials. All airbags are manufactured in accordance with CB/T 3795.Our factory are very focused on the quality. We have most advanced inspection equipment in China. 100% airbags should be tested and inspected as per the requirement of CB/T 3795. Non conformed products are immediately rejected by Quality Control. The widely usage have been tested under rough condition. Our many satisfied customers are out best reference.
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